Welcome to Blue Diamond Wealth Management. As a valued client, you can depend on us for professional guidance and objective advice that helps you gain confidence in your financial future. We are committed to building a strong relationship with you and your family based on mutual trust. Investment Discipline, Active Management, and our focus on Professional Service are what sets us apart from the others. We work for you, and our success is directly connected to your success.

Angelo R. Imbrogno, Founder & President
2024 Masters Club Award — Top 7%  LPL Advisor Nationwide

Recognized and named to the LPL Financial Masters Club for 2024. This distinction is based on annual production ranking of all registered advisors supported by LPL Financial LLC (“LPL Financial”), one of the nation’s largest broker-dealer, and is awarded to the TOP 7% of the firm’s approximately 22,000+ advisors nationwide.

Start A New Plan For My Growing Family

Developing and maintaining a comprehensive financial plan is a balancing act. We can help you develop a plan that provides for your family, supports your lifestyle, and allows you to set aside money for retirement.

Accumulating Wealth For The Future

Your goals and dreams are unique and the number of financial strategies to choose from can be overwhelming. Our team will take the time to listen to your needs and help you develop a strategy to get and keep you on the path to financial independence.

Preparing For Retirement

It’s one of the most important decisions of your lifetime. Having an independent review and professional guidance can help you set a retirement plan in motion that’s right for you. Now is the time to develop a financial strategy that will give your money time to work for you.

Enjoying My Retirement Years

Developing a financial plan is crucial for financial independence throughout your retirement. Together we examine both your short-term and long-term goals, evaluate the options, weigh the advantages and potential disadvantages, and design a sound plan to preserve and grow your assets year after year.

What We Do

Strategic Asset Management

We have access to a wide array of investment types and choices to construct custom-tailored portfolios supported by the expertise of experienced research strategists.

Smart Retirement Planning

We help retirees transition into retirement by utilizing our experience, investment discipline and taking the time to learn about what is important to you.

Life Insurance

Most people understand the primary benefit of having life insurance, but the benefits may not only include paying off debt or replacing lost income. Some forms of life insurance may also be used as tax-deferred investment vehicles to provide funds during a person’s lifetime for retirement or everyday living expenses.

Income and Tax Deferral for Retirement

We utilize several strategies to generate a stable and predictable income stream while in retirement. We also focus on minimizing or deferring taxes to allow more money to work for you until you need it.

Blue Diamond Wealth Management’s independence is powered by LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent broker/dealer.* LPL Financial provides us with a comprehensive array of tools, resources and state-of-the-art technology without requiring a proprietary product offering — thereby mitigating conflicts of interest. Simply put, it enables us to provide you with truly objective financial guidance. (*Based on total revenues, Financial Planning Magazine.)

A rare combination of service and professionalism



We provide independent recommendations based on high-quality and objective research.



Our sophisticated Investment Discipline is the hallmark of our success and strength. We refer to it as BLUE DIAMOND Active Management™.



Our goal is to keep you well-informed with current market conditions, developing trends, and other vital information.



We ensure that our clients always feel welcomed and appreciated —  we pay close attention to even the smallest detail.



We continuously evaluate performance and scrutinize the underlying assets inside your portfolio.

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