Blue Diamond Wealth Management has decades of experience developing strategies centered on long-term planning and risk management.

Our collaborative approach creates customized financial plans with depth and clarity, examines every facet of your personal & long-term goals, and provides you with a sound plan designed to preserve and grow your assets year after year. Each member of our team has a distinct expertise, and we coordinate our recommendations with your attorney, accountant and other professional advisors to help you pursue financial success.

“As your trusted financial leaders, you can expect open communication, ongoing portfolio monitoring and a steady focus on your best interests.”

— Angelo R. Imbrogno | Founder & President


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Ledion Isufi

LPL Financial Advisor

Nicole DeNello

Client Service Associate

Jeanne Puterbaugh

Administrative Consultant

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Our 5-Step Financial Planning Process


Through in-depth, one-on-one conversation, we identify the financial needs and objectives that are important to you. We explore several areas of your financial position and determine exactly how you need your portfolio to work for you. We prioritize each of these items as they ultimately form the basis and foundation of your financial plan.


We analyze and evaluate your entire financial status. We carefully examine your current assets, liabilities, income needs, taxes, risk tolerance and previous investment experiences. Most importantly, we identify financial strengths and challenges as they relate to your goals and objectives.


After thoughtful preparation, we present a formal financial plan utilizing the strategies specifically designed for you. We have an in-depth discussion, so that you fully understand and are comfortable with how it works. We review supporting rationale, our asset management discipline, fees and ongoing services, so that you can make an educated and well-informed decision.


With your support and approval, we move forward with plan implementation. As we put your plan into action, our goal is to meet your objectives, achieve your plan’s full potential and provide you with personalized, professional service.


The final step of the process is ongoing. It involves consistent, thoughtful reviews of your plan and continuing evaluation of your portfolio’s performance. We determine how these relate to your original goals and identify any new goals as the needs of you and your loved ones change.